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The Presidium Network is a UK non-profit that provides support to communities in crisis to manage humanitarian issues and represent the needs of people affected by violence or poverty to international-policy makers.

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95% of funds donated to Presidium Network through our fund-partner, Fund Surfer, reaches our front-line programming. Crypto-donations are not specific to Afghanistan or Ukraine, but if you wish your donation to go one of these countries specifically, please send an email with your donation details to info@presidiumnetwork.com

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We have been working intensively on the evacuation of individuals and families from Afghanistan since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan assumed control of the nation on the 15th of August 2021. We are providing additional advisory to government officials in the U.K. and U.S. to address the burgeoning humanitarian crisis.


Current Program Scope

Evacuation from Afghanistan has become significantly harder since the start of 2022, with virtually no countries operating as lily-pads from which people can apply for refugee status in other countries. Afghans have been resorting to desperate solutions to feed themselves and children are suffering extreme malnutrition. Our focus is on providing food and vital supplies to minimize the human suffering, and safehouses for vulnerable people targeted by the Taliban.


We have operating in Ukraine with local NGOs and our own evacuate families and also provide medical and general aid delivery, and have at present a capability of delivering up to 400 tons of aid per day.

Current Program Scope

We are presently focused on increasing the volume and variety of aid that we can deliver into the Ukraine and are also expanding our evacuation of individuals as the situation continues to deteriorate


The Presidium Network Once Again Helping Those Going Through a Humanitarian Crisis

The Presidium Network is a UK non-profit CIC that operate tirelessly behind the scenes to help those currently embroiled in a humanitarian crisis. The Presidium Network are verified sources available for comment on the latest situation on the ground to help get aid in the correct hands quickly, combat fraud and also false news. Read News

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